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26.1.12 Staxton
6.9 miles

Mainly simple, quick walking on farm tracks (almost 7 miles in less than two hours speaks for itself), although the line was unclear across fields approaching Starr [sic] Carr Farm.

This series of parallel routes goes nowhere, with the exception of the footpath extension from Staxton Carr Lane to the A64, opposite Starr Carr Farm. There is a track (unwalked by me) northwest to Spital Crossing and thence to the B1261 south of Seamer. Unfortunately, access to Star Carr Lane is through Starr Carr Farm's yard, and is forbidden. Willerby Carr Lane comes to an apparently mysterious abrupt halt at the Scarborough town boundary at 008 808. Examination of early 19th Century maps reveals that this occurs because the lane reaches the old course of the Hertford River before its canalisation to its present route to the south.

The line of the path from Willerby Carr Lane to  Staxton Carr Lane is not clear, and I eventually resolved this by approaching from the SCL end.

There are three stiles on the short diagonal link from Ings Lane to the village main street. The first is in a shaky fence with a rotten upright, with some dangerous barbed wire on the top crosspiece, and the second would be impossible for a short person to negotiate.




Above and below: The River Hertford

Looking back from the end of Willerby Carr Lane

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