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2016 511.9 miles

2015 801.1 miles

2014 909.3 miles

2013: 1229.2 miles

2012: 1241.6 miles

2011: 1080.9 miles

7 May 2009-31 Dec 2010: 1734.4 miles

Current boots
GS3 - 561.1 miles

GS3: New pair of Grisport Storm, bought 7.5.14.

Discarded boots

MWA2 Mountain Warehouse Adventurer "waterproof" fabric boots. Replacements for faulty pair 18.9.14. Lasted 172 miles before fabric shredded on instep.
MWA _ Mountain Warehouse Adventurer "waterproof" fabric boots. (bought £27 22.8.14, eyelet pulled out 17.9.14 and exchanged for new pair. Lasted 55.6 miles)
KM2 - Karrimor Mount. Will I ever learn? 2nd pair bought (£32.99 30.7.14). "Waterproof" but soaked by heather during 1st trip 31.7.14.
AF  - Cheap (£16.99) Aldi fabric boots, first used 30.4.14. Sole peeled off one boot 29.7.14 after 197.6 miles.
GS - Grisport Storm (leather) - comfortable and inexpensive boots that wore well. On 20.1.14, after 1593.2 miles, the right boot cracked, probably prematurely because it had been dried in heat too often.
GS2: New pair of Grisport Storm, first used 6.1.13. Retired 10.1.16, when sole and upper seemed about to part company, after 1628.1 miles.
MLT: Mountain Warehouse Traveller, bought 17.6.13. Budget-priced fabric boots. Labelled "waterproof" but soaked through on second outing. On 4.9.13, the left boot suddenly split close to where the upper joins the sole.  The inner structure of the left heel had previously given cause for concern.  Wrecked after only 205.2 miles. Obtained full refund from Mountain Warehouse.
KM: *Karrimor Mount - rubbish quality fabric boots that developed holes in the side fabric after less than 180 miles of wear. 
I thereafter wore them only in dry weather until the holes weakened the fabric too much, and I finally dumped them after 375.7 miles.
MLA: Mountain Life Alpine (fabric), bought 17.2.12 - they have a large tab saying "waterproof" on them, but after about 180 miles, they started soaking up water. 26.4.12: 433 miles: I was reproofing these when I discovered that the adhesive holding the sole of one boot to the upper had separated for about three inches.  Sealed with impact adhesive, but ineffective, so discarded.

Pendle Walking Festival 2009

Pendle Walking Festival, September 2009

Sunday 6th

Pendle and Wheathead Height - 9.6 miles

A circular walk from Barley car park, with a stiff climb at a brisk pace to the windy summit of Pendle (1800ft) followed by a descent then climb to the summit of Wheathead Height (1300ft).

Monday 7th

Noggarth and the Pendle Witches - 6 miles

Circular walk from Barley car park, to visit some of the sites associated with the witches, with a lunch break at the isolated Noggarth café.

Tuesday 8th

Sir Jonas Moore sites/Noggarth ridge - 7.7 miles

Two unrelated walks.  The first visited the birthplace and homes of mathematician Sir Jonas Moore.  We then drove to Pendle Heritage Centre for lunch before a walk to see the views from Noggarth ridge, including another visit to the café.

Wednesday 9th

Wycoller - 4 miles

The ranger at Wycoller Country Park led a cross-country walk around one side of the valley.  As this was to be a fairly short walk, we were among several people who had hoped to join one of the afternoon walks in nearby Colne, but the leisurely pace of the Wycoller walk frustrated this idea.

Thursday 10th

White Moor and Weets, 7.7 miles

The most concentrated scenic walk of the week, to Weets, the second of Pendle's peaks, returning beside the Leeds and Liverpool Canal to Salterforth..

Friday 11th

Pinhaw, 9.1 miles

Circular walk from Earby, including Pinhaw Beacon. Met up with Cathy. We met her on one of the walks at the Malvern walking festival  at the end of May and have kept in touch.

Saturday 12th

Brontë Way, 9.4 miles

Coaches took us from Colne to a moorland car park near Haworth, from where we had a walk back beside reservoirs and across moors along part of the Brontë Way.