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General walks 2011

January 1-March 31

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9.8 miles
Hole of Horcum/Blakey Topping
RA Sunday group I led four

Went astray following an unfamiliar route in the Hole and atthe northern end of Newgate Road.
Fine, sunny day.







5.6 miles
Newgate/Blakey Topping
Harry and Maureen checking part of tomorrow's route.

16.3.11 Rosedale Abbey
10 miles
Wednesday group led by Les
Lots of mist.  Walking compass bearing through heather.

13.3.11 Filey
10.2 miles
Sunday RA I led six

12.3.11 Hunmanby
4.3 miles
Harry and Maureen walked recce of new ending for Sunday's walk from Filey.

9.3.11 Staithes
10.5 miles
Weds group led by Bob
Walked over rocks on coast to Runswick Bay, where we had coffee in a café.  Much mud and slush in parts, and fabric boots proved to have little grip on wet rocks.

8.3.11 Filey
9.3 miles
Solo recce for coming Sunday

6.3.11 Grosmont
9.6 miles
Sunday RA, Ray led 15

3.3.11 Wharram Percy, Fairydale
5.1 miles
Thursday group, I led 14.

2.3.11 Rosedale Abbey
10.8 miles
Wednesday, led by Phil
From the dead end footpath near Red Barn, we walked through heather beside North Gill.  

20.2.11 Wayrhamdale
9.3 miles
Sunday, 17 led by Phil










17.2.11 Goathland
4.8 miles
Thursday led by Malcolm

16.2.11 Goathland
10.3 miles
Wednesday led by Les
Very misty, cold and muddy initially, but the sun broke through in the afternoon.  Saw the reservoirs above Goathland that powered the stone crusher at the station.
Left: coffee break at Lilla Cross.
Below: Conditions underfoot.
(Pics by Bob Clutson)







13.2.11 Newbridge, Pickering
10.4 miles
Sunday RA led by Bob

9.2.11 Lockton area
13.2 miles
Wednesday group led by Phil.

6.2.11 Whaydale, Fairydale, Bigdale
9.7 miles

A solo walk to check out more thoroughly part of one the open access routes walk publicised in a new county council/Ramblers pamphlet, and to visit Big Dale for the first time.

I started from Fimber and used a very short length of public footpath to reach the embankment of the former railway line at the foot of Big Dale. I followed the line to the take-off point for Whay Dale and began climbing.  At the top, a fierce gale was blowing. I should have found a gate to allow me to pass through a wire fence, but there was just barbed wire, which had to be climbed.

I walked to the end of Whay Dale, and as a track continued, I followed this to check if there was a through route to the B1248.  The track ended, and I found that it would not be possible to reach the road without walking over crops.

The floor of the dale was followed, then I turned towards Burdale House Farm.  On Wednesday, we exited on the private farm road, but as I now had the map in the county council pamphlet, I was able to check that the correct route was to follow the edge of a field along one of the new concessionary paths.  However, there was no gate or stile, and the only other possibility was to walk through the yard of a private house, where a "Keep Out" sign was clearly displayed.  Once more, I had to climb barbed wire, and on reaching the far side, I found a similar lack of formal access arrangements.

I followed the road up the steep hill beside Fairy Dale, the turned along the bridleway towards the B1248.

Another new concessionary path should have led along the field edge to the top of Fairy Dale, but a sign forbade entry.  I ignored this and walked to the head of the dale, where there was brand new barbed wire, which I climbed with difficulty.

I followed the edge of the dale in a howling wind, which made progress very difficult, to the Fairy Stones, where I found some shelter for lunch.  I wanted to discover if it was possible to follow the edge all the way, in the hope of providing a route that avoided a stiff climb for a visiting party.  However, the route became gradually rougher beyond the former exit point (now barbed wire, of course!) from the old footpath up from Tunnel Cottages.

Once beyond Burdale Green, I joined the old railway track and followed it to the entrance to Big Dale.  I climbed the side (very steep) and followed the edge to the dale head, where I stopped for coffee.  I exited ed along the floor of the dale and followed the road back to Fimber.












2.2.11 Whaydale
2.3 miles
Wednesday group with Phil and Bob.

We used new permissive access (one day after it was introduced) to visit the island access land of Whaydale.







30.1.11 Sunday RA led by Judy
10.8 miles

23.1.11 Sunday RA led by Judy
Hawsker-Whitby circular
10 miles

20.1.11 Thursday group led by Anne
5.6 miles.
Sunny, with frosty ground.

19.1.11 Wednesday group led by Bob
Quite an adventure clambering over fallen trees beside a stream. Modicum of mud - great fun.
9.5 miles













16.1.11 Sunday RA led by Bob
Mild day with patch rain.  Snow and ice had disappeared.  11 in party.
9.4 miles.

9.1.11 Sunday RA led by Richard
Reasty Hill Top
9.9 miles
Trudge over snow and ice, mainly using forest tracks.

6.1.11 Thursday group
Snainton, led by Peter Shutt
5 miles
Sociable stroll with 13 walkers, followed by soup at Margaret Ingham's house

5.1.11 Wednesday group
Fylingdales, led by Phil
9.8 miles
Hard going over snowy, icy ground, with several stream crossings.




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