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31 March 2010
RA Wednesday group
Led by Les
9.2 miles

Despite a weather forecast warning of gales, this proved to be a fine day.  The moorland walk was made even more interesting by a compass yomp through some deep heather and over occasionally boggy ground.

We were astounded to learn, having used a line of stones to cross a flooded area, that Les had carried and laid them in a to-hour spell the previous week.










Falling Foss
28 March 2010
RA led by Judith
8.3 miles

Nine of us set off about 10 minutes late, as our esteemed leader had forgotten to adjust her clock for BST.

Although there was a chill wind on exposed slopes, it was generally good walking weather along a varied (pastoral and moorland) and enjoyable route, well rounded off with tea at the Falling Foss Tearoom.  Just what a Sunday walk should be.

May Beck
14 March 2010
RA led by Malcolm. 20 walkers
10.5 miles

Egton Bridge
10 March 2010
with Bob, Phil and Les
11 miles (orange route)

7 March 2010
9 miles, Bob Clawson

Sunny day attracted 19 walkers, including several guests, but it was quite tiring, with plenty of mud to occupy us.















Picture by Margaret Atkinson.

4 March 2010
7.2 miles
Margaret Ingham

Excellent walk in fine spring weather - 13 of us.

28 February 2010
9.5 miles

Eight of us walked, mainly on tracks, and with very little mud, considering the week's atrocious weather.

21 February 2010
10.3 miles

Just six of us walked on a snowy day from Saddingham.

An early stop was at a barn that was reputedly once part of the home of Catherine Parr, wife of Henry VII.

The snow fell fairly constantly, but the firm topping spared us from wading through the mud that it seemed certain would otherwise be our companion.

Lunch was taken in the relative shelter of a belt of trees.











18 February 2010
5.2 miles

Maureen and I mistakenly travelled to the far side of Pickering, as I had confused the venue with the one set for the coming Sunday.

When I realised my error, Maureen checked her diary, and we arrived at Darnholme 40  minutes late.

Margaret had left a note for us, and we set off on a route of our own along forest tracks, in misty but mild weather.

Ingleby Greenhow - Rosedale Ironstone Railway incline
10 February 2010
7.6 miles

A very tough 7.6 miles.

I wanted to walk on the incline that carried the Rosedale Ironstone Railway from the moor top to the Tees plain.  Initially, I intended to incorporate this into a walk into Westerdale, but in view of the weather, I decided to follow a route from the Jarrold North York Moors book, which was shorter and more straightforward.

After various frustrations in trying to reach the start point, I began walking from Ingleby Greenhow at 10.45am.  It was so warm that I considered removing my waterproof shell, but by the time I reached Bank Foot Farm, snow and hail had begun to fall.

After the climb up through the forest, route finding became problematic, as tracks were concealed by snow. Eventually I had to set off on a compass bearing across the heather moorland to intercept the Cleveland Way on the rim.

The published route lay across Ingleby Moor, but route finding would have been impossible, as the snow had obscured all sign of tracks, and the "walk" would have consisted of a series of compass directions, wading through drifted snow.

Instead, I followed the Cleveland Way south - and this offered sufficient challenge, as a strong, biting wind, often carrying snow and hail, was blowing in my face, and I was walking 3-5 inches of soft snow.  At times, I could see the wind drifting snow horizontally across my route.  It was all very strenuous and challenging.

I abandoned plans of walking to Bloworth Crossing and doubling back along the trackbed - instead, I cut across at the point where the Cleveland Way approaches within about 20 yards of the track, at the head of Ingleby Incline.

For the first time, I was able to stand at the site of the old engine house and look down the incline.  It was covered in snow, but the sun had broken through to illuminate the valley below - a marvellous sight that made me regret leaving my camera at home.

The trackbed leading back towards Bloworth Crossing was covered with deep snow, and I was pleased that I had taken the short cut.

On descending the incline, I identified (I think) the positions of two runaway sidings, and had lunch sitting on a log beyond the cottages at the foot of the slope. 

Because of the appalling weather, this did not turn out to be a walk that anyone in their right mind would undertake if they had any inkling of what was in store for them.  It was, however, ultimately satisfying, because I felt physically satisfied in having completed it, and in view of my fascination with the Rosedale railway, delighted to have trodden the route of the incline.

Hutton Buscel
7 February 2010
10.8 miles, RA.

A party of seven followed tracks and roads, and the occasional field path, from Hutton Buscel into Wykeham Forest.












4 February 2010
6.4 miles
Our regular walk leader, Margaret Ingham, was still suffering with her back, so our party of seven followed the route on a map that she supplied.

We stopped for the walk en route to our theatre break in Oldham.














Scalby-Wrench Green-Raincliffe Woods
31 Jan 2010
9.1 miles led by Ray Johnson

Just seven walked from Ray's home in Scalby after the week's snowfall made it impractical to follow the intended programme.  It was, however, a very enjoyable walk, mainly in bright, warm sunshine.

Reasty Hilltop - Falcon Inn
24 Jan 2010
10 miles led by Les Atkinson

Ten negotiated a very muddy circuit, much of it along forest tracks.  Fortunately, early rain did not persist.














17 Jan 2010
10.8 miles RA led by Bob Clutson

Eight of us this time, with conditions much changed - bright sunlight, and much of the snow melted.  It was still hard going in places, however, and the disappearance of the snow from Sawtondale had led to it becoming very squelchy underfoot.   










Hutton Buscel - Sawtondale 10 Jan 2010
8.8 miles RA led by Phil Trafford

Just six of us for a walk through the snow, with an introduction to Sawtondale, where a stream was crossed several times by various informal means.










Snainton 7 Jan 2010
3.2 miles led by Margaret Ingham

We stayed local because of the heavy snowfall, and on a mainly clear day enjoyed a short walk that included skirting Wydale, a valley that is unfortunately off limits to the public.  We ended with soup at Margaret's home.

East Ayton 3 Jan 2010
9.7 miles RA led by Judy Trafford

More fun in the snow.














Flixton_Seamer_Irton 1 Jan 2010
10.1 miles RA led by Les Atkinson

Excellent level walk over snowy ground, and through a downfall of snow for some time.