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General walks 2010

July 1 - September 30

January 1-March 31

April 1-June 30

October 1-December 31


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September 30
Sneck Yate
9.1 miles
Thursday group, 13 present.
Bright day after all the rain. CB


September 26
Blakey Ridge-Westerdale
12.2 miles
RA Sunday group, 10 led by Ray
Very damp.

September 24
Tripsdale (Ship Stone)
For a comprehensive account see Tripsdale menu on left.
11.4 miles

September 19
9.7 miles
Sunday RA, I led 12, including six Ryedale members
Via Wharram le Street and railway to Thixendale.

September 16
5.2 miles
Thursday group, led by Margaret
Much floundering off-route, followed by shortcut to return in time to carpark.

September 8
Wharram Percy
8.9 miles

I recced most of the route of the RA walk I will lead on September 19.  Fortunately, all of the vegetation that was so inconvenient when we used some of these paths earlier in the year has been harvested.  Honey Dale, where we trespassed a couple of months ago, was populated with work people - good job we weren't there this week. 

September 5
11.3 miles
Sunday RA, Les led

Excellent walk on the access land of Easterside Hill, ending with a traverse of the ridge of Hawnby Hill.

September 2
Chop Gate
5.3 miles
Thursday group.

September 1
8.3 miles
Wednesday group, Les led.
Hot and tiring, walking through bracken above our heads and wading through heather.

August 31
Bradgate Park
4.3 miles

August 29
Lealholm/Scaling Dam
Sunday RA, Les led
9.9 miles
Very windy and quite wet.

August 25
Wednesday group, Bob led
9.9 miles
Excellent walk in warm weather, including a fascinating stretch along the east side of the Rosedale railway.












August 22
Scarborough RA Sunday
10.6 miles
I led my first Sunday walk, with Maureen and I among a party of eight.  Fine weather, and only one bit of navigational carelessness on my part, which was soon remedied.

August 21
1.6 miles
Maureen and I filled in a few details for tomorrow's walk.

August 19
Harwood Dale
9.2 miles
Thursday group
Margaret's longest walk (as far as we are concerned).  We covered much of the ground that we saw on Sunday, with the addition of a trek through boggy ground at Jugger Howe Slack.

August 18
11 miles
Wednesday group, I led.
Recce for Sunday's walk.  One unintended diversion, during which I cut my head on a thorn and bled copiously.  Heather was spectacular.

August 15
Jigger Howe
10.5 miles
Sunday RA, led by Judy

An enjoyable day out to see the heather in full bloom.


August 11
Oliver's Mount - Eastfield
5.8 miles

I took a look at Deep Dale, which is en route from Oliver's Mount to Eastfield. After following the track along the edge for a while, I diverted to the floor of the dale.  Some very aggressive ears of grass found their way into my socks and caused a great deal of discomfort.  

It was quite difficult to force a way through the grass, and eventually, I jumped (almost!) over a ditch to pass through a gap in the hedge to the adjacent rough land, where the going was easier, if less scenic.

I then followed what is possibly Scarborough most unappealing right of way, a footpath between open fields and the back gardens of houses on the Eastfield Estate.  I encountered a mattress and various other types of rubbish.

The construction of the the bypass complicated route-finding on the return, and I had to negotiate a field of crops to reach the right of way past the golf club. 

August 8
Wheeldale Road-Goathland-Simon Howe
9.3 miles
Sunday RA group, led by Richard.

I left lunch in car.  Maureen very restrained.

August 5
Dalby - Little Fryupdale
6.3 miles
Thursday group

The area that Maureen and I walked several years ago in atrocious weather, and to which we said we would return in better conditions...but never did.  14 walkers, mainly fine weather (heavy shower at lunchtime), very slow walking.

August 4
3.5 miles

To tidy up three issues from Sunday's walk, I walked from The Mere parallel to the railway line to confirm that there is a through route to the Eastfield roundabout, then up Edge Dell to locate the correct access to the right of way.  Finally, I drove to Throxenby Mere to confirm that the "loose dogs" sign related to the lower right of way, and to locate the onward route from the farm.







August 1
Scarborough, Seamer Beacon etc
10.3 miles

Maureen had a bad back, so rather than driving out to Scaling Dam alone, I decided to see some of the local sights, including Seamer Beacon, that I had not visited.  I had an excellent time, with the exception of an episode around Row Brow Farm, where the lower right of way was obstructed by a discouraging sign, and having missed the onward way at the farm,  I had to divert by crawling under three electric fences.

The pictures are of Edge Dell, an unexpected delight off Seamer Road.




July 25
10.2 miles
RA Sunday, led by Bob

July 18
10.2 miles
RA Sunday 70th anniversary walk, led by Judy

July 15
6.1 miles
Wednesday, led by Margaret.

July 11
10.2 miles
Sunday RA, led by Dave Grimwood.

July 4
Cockayne, Bransdale
9.9 miles
Sunday RA, led by Judy

Scenic walk with a couple of miles of cross-heather yomping.  Only five present, including Maureen and me.

July 1
6.6 miles
Wednesday group.

[Something missing from here}

May 9 2010
Egton Bridge
Sunday RA
Led by Judy
9.5 miles

May 6 2010
Hob Hole - Baysdale circuit
Thursday group
7.1 miles
Led by Margaret

11 walkers, on a cool day, set off from Hob Hole.  We diverted away from the rights of way as we approached Baysdale Abbey, where we had lunch on the old bridge.  

May 5 2010
Bonfield Gill
Wednesday group
12.4 miles
Led by Bob.  Les present.

Very hard walking through heather at times. We went astray while nattering towards the start.

My fabric boots are nearing the end of their useful lives, with abrasions developing into splits.













May 2 2010
Sunday RA
10 miles
Led by Les and Margaret


April 29 2010
Hole of Horcum
Thursday group
7.5 miles
Led by Irene

Maureen and I walked in fine weather in a group of seven, having lunch at Newton Tower.  We walked down the hole, then above Newtondale.

April 28 2010
Horn Ridge/Farndale
Wednesday group
11.3 miles
Led by Les

Terrific walk with Les, Bob and Phil.

Les planned a route over non-public land to take us up to the access land on Horn Ridge in Farndale.

The views from the ridge are superb.

I inadvertently took one of Maureen's boots and one of mine, so I walked in my street shoes with no problems.

A really exhilarating day in mild, occasionally sunny weather.








Below: On Horn Ridge

April 25 2010
RA Sunday
11.4 miles
Led by Ray

Saw my first live adder, which was sunning itself on a path on the moor, and which slithered away after being photographed. Followed by tea in the tea shop in Rosedale.

April 22 2010
Thursday group
7.6 miles
Led by Anne

April 21 2010

10.5 miles
RA Wednesday
I lead Phil, Les, Bob



April 18 2010
9.75 miles
RA Sunday, led by Judy Trafford








April 14 2010
Farndale circular
Wednesday group, Led by Bob, with Les and Margaret
10.6 miles

April 12 2010
Kildale-Castleton linear (using train)
12.2 miles

April 11 2010
Led by Peter (RA Sunday)
11.1 miles

April 8 2010
Led by Margaret Ingham
4.1 miles

April 7 2010
Byland Abbey - Helmsley
Led by Phil (Wednesday group)
11.1 miles

We caught a bus from Helmsley to Byland Abbey and set off in fine but overcast weather at about 10.20am.

Plentiful mud accompanied us underfoot as we headed north, stopping en route at an intriguing chapel at Scots Corner, built by a local sculptor, John Horlock, to commemorate those who died in the second world war.  I discovered later that his daughter, Madeleine, had written a best-selling book, The Acre, about the project.

We took an informal route beside a field and through Flassen Dale.

Lunch was taken at a picnic table beside the ponds in Nettle Dale.

April 4 2010
11.1 miles

Fascinating walk exploring the remains of the Malton-Driffield railway in the area of Wharram.

I parked at the Wharram Percy car park, then walked through the tree belt above Burdale Tunnel, and inspected the northern portal and the two air shafts.

The cutting leading to the portal was flooded and the sides were very slippy.

I began to walk along the road beside Fairy Dale in the hope of finding a means of descent to check the southern portal, but barbed wire was discouraging, and after about half a mile, I turned back, discouraged.

Next I mainly followed the Centenary Way to Thixendale, where I took a break for coffee from my flask, before continuing to the abandoned medieval village of Wharram Percy, where I had lunch.

The trackbed of the old railway was followed north to Wharram Station.  I diverted en route to inspect the remains of trackside hoppers, where stone from Wharram Quarry was dumped into railway trucks.




The northern portal of the tunnel.

The most northerly air shaft, in the tree belt.

The second air shaft, at the southern edge of the tree belt, has collapsed.

The third air shaft is in a small copse in a field south of the tree belt (see setting below).


April 1 2010
Margaret Ingham
3.1 miles

I forgot to take Maureen's boots, so she set off in muddy conditions in her casual boots.

As might have been expected, she slipped and fell badly on wet grass, and we returned to the car.












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